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We'll make the best lamp for people during 100 years.
Focus on lighting for 20 years
Online Video
Case Video-Music Water Fountain
Intelligent laser 3D lighting art
Case Video-Building Lighting
Intelligent linkage control
Case Video-Vast Sky
Intelligent control fiber optic
lighting system
Case Video-High-end Community
Intelligent linkage control
Case Video-Theme Park
Intelligent synchronous control
-The sea rose
Video-Projetor Lamp
video-Ceiling Lamp
Video-Tubel Light
Video-Trach Lighting
Core Business

  The company has rich lighting practice exeperience of the excellent team, engaged in the lighting industry for 20years.Focus on lighting Project approval,Project planning and providing solutions,Lighting design,Construction design,Product design,Product Manu-facturing,After-sales technical support and system services.
   Core Business:
   Urbanghting and landscape lighting project,Photovoltaic lighting project,photovoltaic power generation system,Star hotel lighting project,Intelligent office lighting project,Co-
mmercial lighting,Industrial lighting energy-saving renovation project,Product and tech-nology import and export business.

Landscape Lighting
Office Lighting
Photovoltaic Power Generation
Photovoltaic Lighting
Hotel Lighting
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